• Soft knit top, designed for people who prefer a relaxed fitting sock that stays up without binding
  • Medium cushion acrylic footbed helps keep feet dry and comforatable
  • Soft toe seam is ultra smooth and comforatable and is designed to help reduce the rubbing and irritaion that traditional toe seams can cause.
  • Approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association


Made in USA

Sensitive Comfort Fit Crew

SKU: W3161
  • Contents

    80% Ultra-soft Acrylic

    18% Nylon

    1% Polyester

    1% LYCRA® Spandex


  • Sizing

    Medium: Women's 5.5-9.5

    Large: Men's 9-12

               Women's 10+

    Extra-Large: Men's 12.5+